What it’s really about, is the thrill of creating something from nothing and just like traveling to somewhere new, half the fun is getting there.

My passion is to create unique and memorable imagery and experiences in Film, Television, Gaming and Online with 3D, Video, Compositing, Music and Interactivity. My interests were sparked by my parent’s professions in art and chemistry and my imagination is fueled by the natural sciences, engineering, technology and my journeys around the world.

While my primary creative output is digital, I stay balanced by getting my hands dirty restoring my vintage motorcycle, gardening around my home and simply observing the beauty of things we so easily take for granted.

I was born in England but have also lived in Switzerland and France and still visit these countries regularly as I consider them all my home, not to mention my immediate home, dear USA.

Right: Yours truly under “The Birth Machine / Baby Gun” sculpture by HR Giger at MUSEUM HR GIGER, Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland.