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IIllustration for Band Poster

I recently completed this little project for a friend's band in Alaska, "Kid Laser and the Dynamite Deal". We were in a band together a few years back called "Mr Radar". This was a fun project and my first illustration on my newly acquired Wacom Cintiq!   Check them out!Machines and Monsters by Kid Laser and the Dynamite Deal...


Modeling the Maschinen Krieger Armored Fighting Suit Mk1 in 3D

I recently discovered Kow Yokoyama's awesome hard-suit creations and custom made dioramas which lead me to the extensive line of Maschinen Krieger scale models inspired by WWI and WWII armor and aircraft and models made for Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Star Wars, Alien and The Road Warrior (side note... BEST MOVIES EVER!). Here's my previous post with some examples of his paintings. I decided to use one of his creations, the Armored Fighting Suit (AFS) Mk1, and recreate it in 3D. So, here goes!!! The first steps I took were modeling the upper torso and helmet. I've blocked out the ...


Robopocalypse MSG primary modeling and motion test (WIP)

I started modeling the Robopocalypse MSG back in June of 2012 with a basic frame and rough shapes to start developing the form of the machine. It's extremely basic but I wanted to play around with the motion based on it's description in the novel; four narrow legs with wheels on the ends, an M4 carbine, "When the thing gets moving, those legs flutter up and down over rocks and gravel in a blur, while that rifle stays motionless, perfectly level."....


Low-Poly 3D Golf Course Environments

Here is an older 3D project I worked on back in 2011. Due to budget limitations, we had to keep the model pretty simple to cut down on billable hours. The client needed a number of different configurations of a golf course in various environments. The renders were then edited and imported into Flash so that users could dynamically change the layout of the course to suit their liking. The application originally had the flag flapping in the wind using PaperVision3D. The water was also shimmering using Perlin noise displacement filter. These nice details were ultimately removed to optimize pe...


SF3D, Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K ZBV3000) and Kow Yokoyama

Why it took me so long to find Kow Yokoyama, I don't know. But better late than never!   I finally discovered the work of talented Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama while searching for a model kit of the Pit Road Jim Diving Suit¬†(I will write another post about that area of interest another day!). I came upon model kits for the¬†Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K ZBV3000) and while researching further, I found out just how extensive Yokoyama's work is. I now have my eye on a number of kits of his creation and books chronicling his work in the SF3D series. The subject of his work is rig...