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Modeling the Maschinen Krieger Armored Fighting Suit Mk1 in 3D

I recently discovered Kow Yokoyama's awesome hard-suit creations and custom made dioramas which lead me to the extensive line of Maschinen Krieger scale models inspired by WWI and WWII armor and aircraft and models made for Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Star Wars, Alien and The Road Warrior (side note... BEST MOVIES EVER!). Here's my previous post with some examples of his paintings. I decided to use one of his creations, the Armored Fighting Suit (AFS) Mk1, and recreate it in 3D. So, here goes!!! The first steps I took were modeling the upper torso and helmet. I've blocked out the ...


Robopocalypse MSG primary modeling and motion test (WIP)

I started modeling the Robopocalypse MSG back in June of 2012 with a basic frame and rough shapes to start developing the form of the machine. It's extremely basic but I wanted to play around with the motion based on it's description in the novel; four narrow legs with wheels on the ends, an M4 carbine, "When the thing gets moving, those legs flutter up and down over rocks and gravel in a blur, while that rifle stays motionless, perfectly level."....


An Award Winning App Programmer

I am proud to announce that the Philips Healthcare XperGuide Training iPad App which I programmed at DDA was the winner of the Healthcare category of the first Tabby Awards hosted by TabTimes. I also spearheaded video production and post production for the introduction video. The App was adapted to Adobe Air from the online version built with Adobe Flash. It was an interesting challenge as the app was published shortly after Apple finally allowed Adobe Air to run on their devices. We almost had to scrap the App conversion due to Apple's stubbornness, luckily they wisened up and it was full spe...