Modeling the Maschinen Krieger Armored Fighting Suit Mk1 in 3D


[2/27/14] I recently discovered Kow Yokoyama’s awesome hard-suit creations and custom made dioramas which lead me to the extensive line of Maschinen Krieger scale models inspired by WWI and WWII armor and aircraft and models made for Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Star Wars, Alien and The Road Warrior (side note… BEST MOVIES EVER!). Here’s my previous post with some examples of his paintings. I decided to use one of his creations, the Armored Fighting Suit (AFS) Mk1, and recreate it in 3D. So, here goes!!!

The first steps I took were modeling the upper torso and helmet. I’ve blocked out the basic shapes and a few details. Keep in mind I’ll constantly be refining and adding detail as I move along! Let’s do this!
Detail being added to the back of the suit:
The exhaust and arms taking shape:
[3/18/14] While the modeling continues, I wanted to briefly work with the helmet, adding a paint scheme and some details using normal and specular maps. Not final but just working out some initial thoughts:
[6/9/14] Wow, it has been a long time since I posted a render. The warmer weather arrives and deer resistant vegetable garden enclosures need to be made, the lawn needs to be mowed, a two-sided kitchen banquette needs to be fabricated, the lawn needs to be mowed, vegetables need to be watered, kitchen cabinets need to be painted, lawn needs to be mowed. Oh, and there’s also that full time job. Well, almost there with the modeling. I would say about 90% done with that step.
More coming soon, but not soon enough. 😉

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